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Traveling with cannabis or CBD: A survival guide for the Canna-Curious adventurer

Forget treasure maps and compasses, the essential item for your next adventure is... a legal guide to cannabis!

Indeed, traveling with cannabis or CBD can be a journey fraught with pitfalls, especially if you are not familiar with international regulations. But fear not, landlubbers, for this article is your lifeline in this ocean of sometimes contradictory laws.

Step One: Charting the Laws

Before setting sail, it is crucial to know the laws in effect in your home and destination countries. The legalization of cannabis is a complex archipelago, with significant variations from country to country.


  • Netherlands: Amsterdam and its coffee shops make you dream? Be careful, recreational use is technically illegal there, even if tolerated.

  • Spain: Cannabis clubs are flourishing, but the sale and consumption of marijuana remain illegal.

  • Portugal: Decriminalization of all drugs for personal use since 2001, but the sale of cannabis is still prohibited.

  • Germany: Medical cannabis is legal, and the legalization of recreational cannabis is under review.

  • Italy: Medical cannabis and CBD flowers with a THC content of less than 0.6% are legal.

  • Switzerland: Cannabis rich in CBD and with a THC content of less than 1% is legal and distributed in many points of sale.

  • France: One of the most restrictive countries in Europe. Medical cannabis is prohibited, and CBD is legal only if it contains less than 0.2% THC and comes from the seeds or stems of the plant.

Outside Europe:

  • United States and Canada: Regulation is more permissive, with the legalization of recreational cannabis in some states and provinces.

  • Uruguay and some Latin American countries: Lax about cannabis.

  • Asia: Generally more restrictive situation, with severe penalties for possession of cannabis.

  • Thailand: Has legalized medical cannabis in some cases, but tourists cannot import it, even with a medical prescription.

Step Two: Preparing Your Crew

Documentation and Medical Prescriptions:

  • If you are traveling with cannabis or CBD for medical reasons, bring a medical prescription and documentation supporting your need.

  • Check if your home country's prescription is valid in your destination country.

  • Find out about the specific authorizations and requirements for your vacation spot.

Packaging and Transportation:

  • Keep your cannabis or CBD in its original sealed and clearly labeled packaging.

  • 10ml CBD oil bottles are generally allowed in carry-on luggage.

Step Three: Sailing with Respect

Respect local culture and laws, even if you disagree.

  • Compliance with the rules is essential to avoid penalties, even imprisonment.

  • Remember that you are an ambassador for your own culture. Respect is the best calling card.

Bonus Tips for a Smooth Cruise:

  • Check the websites of embassies and consulates for the latest information.

  • Get information from forums and blogs of travelers specialized in cannabis.

  • Be discreet and do not consume cannabis in public.

  • When in doubt, refrain from carrying cannabis or CBD.

So, landlubbers, ready to hoist the sails and set off on a canna-curious adventure? Remember to be safe and respect local laws!

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