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Mary Jane Berlin 2024: A smoking cannabis success!

Berlin breathed a cloud of green last weekend during the Mary Jane 2024 fair, bringing together more than 40,000 cannabis enthusiasts and 400 exhibitors. There was everything from seed growers to private clinics, vapes and edibles, and even magic mushrooms (which unfortunately caused some problems).

Fantastic atmosphere and crowded stands since Friday, proof that Germany is ready to set itself on fire for the legalization of cannabis. If the queues on Saturday were worthy of a rock festival, the space and good humor allowed the event to be fully enjoyed.

Captivating conferences fueled curious minds, while the outdoor spaces, much more spacious than those of Spannabis, invited relaxation between one purchase and another.

On the exhibitor side , we found the big names in horticultural equipment, medical cannabis producers and German clinics ready to thrive in this new legal market. More original stands offered synthetic cannabinoids and magic mushrooms, the latter unfortunately caused some scares and led to their sale being banned.

Despite this small accident and some organizational hiccups , the Mary Jane managed to win over its audience. We regret the absence of legal points of sale, but the organizers have committed to remedying this for future editions.

In the end, Mary Jane Berlin 2024 was a true success , a concentration of enthusiasm for cannabis that offers a promising glimpse into the future of the sector in Europe. Whether you are an industry professional or simply a curious amateur, this event is not to be missed for years to come!

In summary :

  • A crazy success: 40,000 visitors, 400 exhibitors, a fantastic atmosphere!

  • Everything for cannabis: seeds, equipment, clinics, edibles... and even mushrooms (but not too much, it's annoying).

  • Advanced conferences and relaxation in the open air: a perfect combination for learning and relaxing.

  • A growing market: Germany is hungry for legal cannabis and Mary Jane is the place to take advantage of it.

  • Next edition not to be missed: we look forward to next year to discover what's new and meet even more enthusiasts!

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