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Cannabis legalization: from mission impossible to inevitable

Remember when cannabis was the villain of the story, depicted as the source of all evil? Well, hold on tight, because those days might be over sooner than you think!

Prohibition: A scenario worthy of a horror film

In the United States, cannabis prohibition resembles a noir film scenario: racism, media manipulation, and information monopoly. In the 1930s, the demonization of cannabis was fueled by racial prejudices and influential newspapers, turning an ancient plant into public enemy number one.

For example, The New York Times bought The Boston Globe for $1.1 billion in 1993. Two decades later, it sold it for only $70 million! This spectacular plunge shows how the advent of the Internet burst the bubble of traditional media, making way for more diverse and bold voices.

France and the erosion of media power

In France, the pattern is similar. Major newspapers have long shaped public opinion. But today, with the Internet and social media, this monopoly is crumbling. Cannabis legalization advocates are using these new platforms to make their voices heard, sparking a genuine public debate.

Participatory democracy: The Power of the people

Look at California: citizen initiatives have allowed legislative revolutions despite authorities' resistance. Dennis Peron, a Vietnam veteran, was a pioneer in the medical use of cannabis to combat AIDS. Thanks to his fight, "Proposition 215" was adopted in 1996, paving the way for medical legalization.

In France, although direct democracy is less developed, citizen engagement is growing. Imagine if we could also propose and vote on pro-legalization laws!

Governmental shift

In the United States, the Biden administration recently reclassified cannabis, recognizing its therapeutic benefits and initiating progressive decriminalization. France could take inspiration from this initiative and rethink its cannabis policy.

Why Cannabis legalization is inevitable

Cannabis legalization is no longer an American fantasy. In France, by fostering open debate, supporting citizen initiatives, and adapting our public policies, we can turn this mission impossible into a beneficial reality.

Imagine a France where cannabis is no longer taboo, but a plant recognized for its virtues, responsibly and thoughtfully integrated into our society. 🌿

So, ready to write the next chapter of this story with us? Cannabis legalization is no longer a distant dream but an increasingly tangible prospect. Let's make it happen!

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