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The ANSM and the New Cannabinoid Ban: A Whirlwind of Changes!

In a groundbreaking announcement last March, the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines (ANSM) revealed that it plans to classify new cannabinoids on the list of narcotics. And in early May, through the European Commission's emergency procedure, it presented its ban proposal. You heard right, things are going to shake up!

Which Cannabinoids Are Affected?

Here is the list of substances that the ANSM wants to ban:

  • H2-CBD or dihydrocannabidiol or H2-cannabidiol

  • H4-CBD or tetrahydrocannabidiol or H4-cannabidiol

  • Any substance derived from the benzo[c]chromene nucleus, whether non-hydrogenated, partially hydrogenated, or fully hydrogenated on the A ring.

In technical details, this means bans on substances with specific modifications such as:

  • In position 1: hydroxyl function, esterified or not, or an alkoxy function

  • In position 2 or 4: carboxyl function

  • In position 3: adamantyl substituent or an alkyl, alkenyl, alkynyl, cyanoalkyl, haloalkyl, cyanoalkynyl, haloalkynyl, alkoxy chain...

  • In position 6: one or two alkyl groups

  • In position 9: ketone, alkyl, hydroxyalkyl, or alkoxy function

And all this except for cannabinol or CBN.

The ANSM Confirms the Decision

In a recent communication, the ANSM confirmed the classification of these new cannabinoids on the list of narcotics due to the risks and possible dependence associated with their use. The ban comes into effect on June 3, so hold on tight!

Other Cannabinoids on the Blacklist

Not content with targeting H2-CBD and H4-CBD, the ANSM has also set its sights on all variations around delta-9-THC such as THCP, THCJD, THCB, THCH... And don't worry, they haven't forgotten HHC, HHCO, HHCP, and HCCPO, already mentioned in their statement. Recall that HHC had already been added to the list of narcotics last June.

The Strange Case of THCA

One addition that raises eyebrows is that of THCA. This cannabinoid is naturally present in the hemp plant and in its traditional derivative products such as flour, oil, and even straw. It can be measured without psychotropic or addictive effects. Curiously, we are still waiting to see if THCV, also naturally present, will be included.

Reactions and Resistance

As usual, the various stakeholders do not intend to sit idly by. They are already planning to challenge this new decree, just as they did with the HHC ban.

In conclusion, get ready for a wind of change in the world of cannabinoids. Follow this saga closely to stay informed about developments and their implications.

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