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Morocco: Legal cannabis gets an official logo!

Gone are the days of anonymous products! Cannabis consumers in Morocco will now be able to easily identify local products thanks to a brand new official logo. Adopted by joint decree of the Ministers of Interior and Industry and Trade, this small green and white emblem aims to certify the authenticity and quality of hemp derivatives.

Simple and minimalist design

The design of this logo is simple and straightforward. It features a stylized silhouette of a cannabis plant, inserted into a circle decorated with the word "CANABIS" in capital letters. Two colors are available: white for dark backgrounds and black for light backgrounds.

A mark of quality and safety

More than just a graphic element, this logo is a real guarantee of trust for consumers. Its presence on a product guarantees that it has been grown and processed in accordance with the standards in force in Morocco. A way to fight against counterfeiting and protect less attentive consumers.

A hefty fine for offenders

Attention fraudsters! The decree is not lenient with those who try to deceive consumers. Violation of the law is punishable by a fine of 50 to 5,000 dirhams, to dissuade the less scrupulous.

An important step in the legalization of cannabis

The adoption of this official logo marks a new step in the implementation of the national strategy for the legalization of cannabis in Morocco. After the successful launch of export operations, it is now about reassuring local consumers and guaranteeing them a safe and quality experience.

For fans of legal cannabis, it's time to rejoice! Gone are the doubts and questions, now you will know exactly what you are buying. So don't hesitate any longer and go off to discover the cannabis products made in Morocco!

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