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International Cannabis Awards 2024: Unveiling the Winners of the Cannabis Industry's "Oscars"

On March 13th, 2024, the historic Llotja de Mar in Barcelona was the gathering place for the cannabis industry's brightest stars. Dubbed the "Oscars" of cannabis, the International Cannabis Awards 2024 (ICA'24) honored outstanding achievements and contributions that have propelled the industry forward. If you missed this spectacular event, here’s everything you need to know!

Celebrating Excellence at the International Cannabis Awards 2024

The awards night was not just a ceremony but a celebration of the strides made in the cannabis world. From pioneers to new players, the ICA'24 highlighted those who have excelled in various facets of the industry.

Industry Awards (ICA'24)

Best Nutrients:

  • Global: Biobizz, Canna, Plagron

  • USA: Advanced Nutrients

Best Seed Bank or Breeder:

  • Global: Royal Queen Seeds, Humboldt Seed Co., Barney's Farm

  • USA: Blimburn Seeds

Best Portable Vaporizer:

  • Da Vinci, Puffco, PAX

Best Ventilation Company:

  • Global: Garden Highpro, Pure Fan, Prima Klima

  • USA: Can Fan

Best Lighting Company:

  • Lumatek, Pure Led, Secret Jardin

Best Rolling Papers:

  • Raw, Elements, Lion Rolling Circus

Best Online Vaporizer Brand:

  • AVD (Advanced Vapor Devices)

Organization Awards

These awards recognized individuals and companies for their longstanding contributions and pioneering efforts.

Industry Pioneer:

  • Arjan Roskam (Green House Seeds)

Podcast of the Year:

  • James Loud

Lifetime Achievement:

  • Steve DeAngelo

Cultivating Community:

  • Luna Stower

Environmentally Committed Company:

  • Luis Pinyeiro (Biobizz)

Cannabis Media Pioneer:

  • Moisés López (Cáñamo Magazine)

International Women’s Pioneer of the Year:

  • ChelseaPuffCo

International Seed Pioneer:

  • Ben Dronkers

Social Media Content Creator of the Year:

  • Jimi Devine


The International Cannabis Awards 2024 not only set the stage for celebrating achievements but also highlighted the evolving landscape of the cannabis industry. As Alchimia proudly secured second place for Best Online Store, we look forward to continually raising the bar in service and quality. Here’s to an even more exciting ICA 2025!

See you at the next International Cannabis Awards!

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