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Cannabis being legalized in Germany

Hey, Team Germany just released the coolest news of the moment: the leaders of the Social Democratic Party (the friendly SPD), the Free Democratic Party (the laid-back FDP) and the Greens (the local ecologists) have clapped their hands saying “Here we go!” to legalize cannabis. Yes, you read correctly !

After endless chatting and editing, they finally said “Okay, it’s time!” for a very important vote scheduled for the last week of February. And hold on tight, because if all goes well, April is Legal Cannabis Day!

The new rules of the game are like a breath of fresh air in drug policy: we're talking about prevention, top health and maximum protection for young people. Karl Lauterbach, the Federal Minister of Health, is in superhero mode for this reform, adjusting the shot so that everyone gets what they need, in “relax, we manage” mode. No more cool limits for possession at home, and we say goodbye to prison sentences for those who go just a tad over the limit.

Karl is completely against the black market and for decriminalization, in "new era" mode for anti-drug policy in Germany. There will even be a study to check how things are going with young people after legalization, just to stay in the game.

Kristine Lütke from the FDP is excited: "We're changing the game with cannabis and adapting to what's really happening in life." The plans are already in place: in April, adults will be able to own and cultivate their small cannabis garden, and from July, Cannabis Clubs will be able to share the good weed between members.

But this is only the beginning! They are planning a second phase with supervised sales tests in pilot cities, after the green light from the European Commission.

The big finale is the vote in the Bundestag, before moving on to the Bundesrat where the German states will have their say. Even though in September, some people wanted to block the thing, it didn't work.

Basically, Germany is revolutionizing its cannabis policy, with a cooler, more preventive, and super health-conscious vibe. It promises to be a model for Europe!

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