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Boost your energy instantly!

💨 Absorption by inhalation

⚡ The effects are immediate and generally last between 20 to 30 minutes.


For purists, this flavor captures the authentic, unadulterated taste of nature. Simple, pure, and 100% natural.


What is Sniffy?

Sniffy is the energizing powder that will revolutionize your daily life! Inhale our powder and feel an instant energy boost. Thanks to rapid absorption by the nasal mucosa, Sniffy offers you an immediate boost of energy. The bigger the sniff, the more powerful the effect. Effect guaranteed between 20 to 30 minutes. 🎉

Why Sniffy?

Need to stay awake and focused? Sniffy is your new ally! Ideal for your sports sessions, your study sessions or your long nights of work. 💪

What is Sniffy made of?

Sniffy is 90% natural products carefully selected to offer you the best.

  • L-Arginine : Boost your immunity and help build muscle mass.
  • Caffeine : Increases attention, alertness and helps fight drowsiness.
  • Creatine : For increased energy and improved performance.
  • L-Citrulline : Helps eliminate toxins and reduces acidity in muscles during exercise.
  • Taurine : For more tone and vitality.
  • Beta Alanine : Increases strength and endurance.
  • Maltodextrin : Source of energy during intense exercise and helps with muscle recovery.

What flavors are used?

Our natural flavors come from plants, fruits, vegetables and other organic materials. They give our powder an irresistible flavor and smell!

Is it safe to consume Sniffy?

As long as you stick to the recommended daily dose, you're fine. Excessive consumption may cause adverse effects. If you are sensitive to caffeine, be careful. 👀

How to consume Sniffy?

Through the nose! Start with small doses and gradually increase as you feel. But be careful, do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

What is the maximum dose that should not be exceeded?

The maximum daily dose is 2g, or two vials. Use Sniffy only when you need it.

Is Sniffy legal?

Inhaling a white powder may seem suspicious, but rest assured, Sniffy is completely legal! 🙌


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