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Want to take your riding experience to the next level? Discover FM rolling papers! Designed for taste purists and smoke eco-adventurers, our sheets will transform every session into an escape into nature.


Why choose FM?

  • 100% Natural: Made from unbleached natural fibers, our sheets guarantee a pure and authentic experience. Goodbye chemicals and hello real flavors!
  • Ultra-Slow Burn: Enjoy your relaxing moments longer thanks to our slow combustion. Each sheet is designed to give you time to enjoy your preparation without rushing.
  • Neutral Taste: Let the protagonist be your favorite mix! Our rolling papers have a neutral taste so they don't interfere with the flavors of your herbs.
  • Eco-Responsible: By choosing FM, you vote for the planet! Recyclable packaging, sustainable production and a promise of minimal impact on our beautiful Earth.
  • Ease of Rolling: Whether you're a novice or an expert at rolling, our sheets offer perfect adhesion and flexibility that will allow you to create the perfect joint every time.


Product Features :

  • Size: King Size for royal sessions.
  • Quantity: 32 sheets of pure bliss in each pack.
  • Bonus: Each package contains cardboard tips, for easy and pleasant rolling.

For who ?

FM rolling papers are perfect for those who:

  • Looking for a premium smoking experience.
  • Are concerned about their environmental impact.
  • Want to enjoy the authentic taste of their herbs without interference.
  • Appreciate prolonged moments of relaxation.

How to Use Them?

  • Choose your favorite herb.
  • Use our tips for a solid foundation.
  • Rides with love and precision.
  • Light up and enjoy the moment.


Join the FM Revolution!

With FM, you don't just choose rolling papers, you opt for an experience that respects both your palate and the planet. Add a green twist to your routine and discover why our leaves have become a must-have for fans of natural and conscious smoking.


Order now and get ready to ride, savor, and respect.

Standard size unbleached sheets

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